Sunday School Classes: Spring 2019

Children's Ministry

Early Childhood rooms are located on the first floor through the center door with the covered drive-up from the back parking lot. Children will check in at our KidCheck kiosk. This door is locked during services.

0-1 year old - Room  131 | Teachers: Trudy Severance, Sierra Carnes

2-3 year old - Room 129 | Teachers: Lisa & Todd Johnson, Gary Throckmorton

4 year old/Preschool - Room 128 | Teachers: Angela & Jerry Walls

School Age Children will check in at our KidCheck kiosk at the children’s information desk on the second floor.

Kindergarten - Room 204 | Bible Learners | Teacher: Genevieve Bledsoe

1st-2nd Grade - Room 201 | Bible Beginners | Teachers: Pat Rice and Rick Edgar

3rd-4th Grade - Room 202 | Bible Explorers | Teachers: Tempye Carey and Pat Baxter

5th-6th Grade Girls - Room 203 | Bible Warriors | Teacher: Lynn Jones

5th-6th Grade Boys - Room 207 | Bible Warriors | Teachers: Scott Swilling and Tony Porterfield

Student Ministry:

Our Student Ministry is led by Philip Jorgensen.  He oversees 7th through 12th Grade as well as College/Career Young adults.  Youth meet in the metal Student Building beside the south parking lot. College/Career meets in the main building.

College and Career - Room 113:  Gospel Project (Yearlong study thru the Gospels Young Adult curriculum).  Teachers: Mike and Kelly Farmer.

Jr. High Boys:  Studying chronologically through the Bible.  Teachers: Dustin Harms, Ryan McKee, and Brooks Grant.

Jr. High Girls:  Studying chronologically through the Bible.  Teachers: Carrie Harms, Amanda McKee, and Kennah Grant.

High School Boys:  Studying chronologically through the Bible.  Teachers: Cameron Moore and Ethan Humber.

High School Girls:  Studying chronologically through the Bible.  Teachers: Bridgett Moore, Jordan Humber, and Bianca Jorgensen.

Adult and Senior Adult Education Ministry:

Adult Education Ministry is led by Darrin Ray he can be reached at: (325)725-8795.  Adult classes are located all over the building, with “300” numbered classes being located upstairs, and “100” numbered classrooms on the first floor.

Singles/Doubles - Room 307:   Younger Working singles through Young Marrieds with Young Kids. Lifeway Quarterly Study (1st and 2nd Corinthians).  Teachers: Anthony Miculka and Ken Hogan.

20s and 30s - Room 306:  Bible Studies (topics vary) for younger adults, with our without children. Teachers: John and Angie Fanning. 

Working to Middle Age - Room 304:  Various studies with history and prophecy of the Bible as part of the teaching context. Teachers: Farid and Treva Gozashti

Cornerstone Class - Room 301/302: Lifeway Bible Quarterly (1 and 2 Corinthians).  Teacher: Marvin Stringfellow

Various Ages Ladies Class - Room 303: Different shorter Bible studies. Teacher: Nita Beal

Various Ages - Room 305:  Different shorter Bible studies. Teacher: Terry Beal

Hart to Hearts Class - Room 103/104:  Various ages studying Genesis. Teachers: Steve and Jolene Hart

Various Ages - Room 117/118:  Lifeway Quarterly (1st & 2nd Corinthians). Teachers: John Abernathy and Will Rawlins.

Ladies Study Middle Aged to Seniors - Room 115/116:  Lifeway Quarterly Study (1st & 2nd Corinthians). Teacher: Nan Kennedy

Women's Senior Adult Class - Room 108: Ladies Lifeway Quarterly Study (1st & 2nd Corinthians). Teacher: Marilois Kirksey

Senior Adult Class - Room 109:  Lifeway Quarterly Study (1st & 2nd Corinthians). Teacher: Robert West

Senior Adult Class - Room 111:  Lifeway Quarterly Study (1st  & 2nd Corinthians). Teacher: Paul Patterson

Offsite Adult Sunday School Classes:

Wesley Court Residence Facility:  2nd floor Conference Room, 9:30am.  Lifeway Quarterly Study (1st & 2nd Corinthians).  Teachers: Roland Williams, Don and Lavonne Adams.

Mesa Springs Skilled Nursing Facility:  Dining/Activities Room, 9:30am.  Lifeway Quarterly Study (1st & 2nd Corinthians). Teachers: C.W. and Lois Parker, Brent and Jinger Bruneau.

Lyndale Residence Facility:  Common Room 1st Floor, 9am.  Lifeway Quarterly Study (1st & 2nd Corinthians).  Teacher: Darrin Ray