Sunday Bible Study hour, 9am

Children's Ministry

Our Children's Ministry is led by Darla Rose. Click here to view our children's classes. 

Student Ministry

Our Student Ministry is led by Philip Jorgensen. He oversees 7th through 12th Grade as well as College/Career Young adults. Youth meet in the metal Student Building beside the south parking lot. College/Career meets in the main building.

College and Career - Music Suite: D6, Teachers: Mike and Kelly Farmer.

Jr. High Boys - Teachers: Dustin Harms, Ryan McKee, and Brooks Grant.

Jr. High Girls - Teachers: Carrie Harms and Kennah Grant.

High School Boys - Teachers: Cameron Moore and Ethan Humber.

High School Girls - Teachers: Bridgett Moore, Jordan Humber, and Bianca Jorgensen.

Adult and Senior Adult Education Ministry

Adult Education Ministry is led by Darrin Ray.  Adult classes are located all over the building, with “300” numbered classes being located upstairs, and “100” numbered classrooms on the first floor.

Singles/Doubles - Room 307: Young Singles and Couples. Lifeway Quarterly. Teachers: Anthony Miculka and Ken Hogan.

Young Marrieds - Downstairs near the Coffee Corner: Young Marrieds, primarily in 20's-30's or in a similar stage of life, with or without children. D6 Fusion Study. Teachers: Jordan and Sammi Jo Magee, and Cody Rose

Various Ages - Room 304:  Various studies focusing on history and prophecy of the Bible. Teachers: Farid and Treva Gozashti

Cornerstone Class - Room 301/302: Lifeway Quarterly. Teacher: Marvin Stringfellow

Various Ages Ladies Class - Room 303: Different shorter Bible studies. Teacher: Carri Ray

Various Ages - Room 305:  Different shorter Bible studies. Teacher: Terry Beal

Hart to Hearts Class - Room 103/104:  Various ages. Different Bible studies. Teachers: Steve and Jolene Hart

Various Ages Mens Class - Room 117/118:  Lifeway Quarterly. Teachers: John Abernathy and Will Rawlins.

Middle Aged to Senior Ladies - Room 115/116:  Lifeway Quarterly. Teacher: Nan Kennedy

Senior Adult Women - Room 108: Ladies Lifeway Quarterly. Teacher: Marilois Kirksey

Senior Adult - Room 109:  Lifeway Quarterly. Teacher: Robert West

Senior Adult - Room 111:  Lifeway Quarterly. Teacher: Paul Patterson

Offsite Adult Sunday School Classes

Wesley Court Residence Facility - 2nd floor Conference Room, 9:30am. Lifeway Quarterly. Teachers: Roland Williams, Don and Lavonne Adams.

Mesa Springs Skilled Nursing Facility - Dining/Activities Room, 9:30am. Lifeway Quarterly. Teachers: C.W. and Lois Parker, Brent and Jinger Bruneau.

Lyndale Residence Facility - Common Room 1st Floor, 9am.  Lifeway Quarterly. Teacher: Darrin Ray